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Costume Station Zero Ep 50 and 50b now up!

Greatest American Hero
Costume Station Zero Eps 50 and 50b now up!

Big Wow 2014 is the topic of discussion among a roundtable of friends including: Valerie Perez, Scott Sebring, Vickie Sebring, Will Sterling, Teri Samuels, Thom Parham, Kelby LeNorman, Sam McClellan, Kelly Delcambre. We discuss what makes Big Wow so much fun, the vibe, the fun and enjoying doing a 1966 Batman group, the Marvel Family and more! Check it out!

Big Wow Addendum bonus: The Alt. Superhero universe tale of Earth 53 and a half. Hear the exploits of Underwater Superman, Lunar Aquaman, Regular Ass Batman, Alfred “Davy Crockett” Pennyworth, Evil Android Davy Crockett, Winnebago Shazam! and maybe Patio Hawkman. Not so much a costume talk episode but a slice of amusing randomness of live late night Big Wow Con talk for those who are Superhero minded. Enjoy.

Wonder Con 2014!

Hey Gang,


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Costume Station Zero Ep 49 now up!

Greatest American Hero
Costume Station Zero Ep 49 Super and Suited now up!

Thom Parham and I discuss the wide array of Superheroes he wears for conventions and charity events. Heroes include: Superman, Red Arrow, Cyborg, Booster Gold, The Falcon, Mr. Freeze, Steel, Captain America, Aqualad, Heindel (from Thor), Black Lightning and Green Lantern. Check it out!

Thom can also be found here:

San Diego Comic Con 2014 July 23-27 Meet-Ups

Just announcing the annual Doctor Who Cosplay SDCC fan/Cosplay meet Ups will still happen even if there is no Panel as rumored.

Thursday, July 24th
In front of Ballroom 20 2nd Floor.

Sunday, July 27th
Sails Pavilion Towards the outdoor end. (this location may change to outdoor stairs spot)

Sound off if you'll be there!

On other Fronts I am hearing with the World Tour we will have no appearance by Moffat, Capaldi, Coleman or any Who staff nor even a panel at all on Sunday in Hall H. This might be a backlash from the footage of the 50th leaking last year but then again this may change. If there's no panel, then of course there will be no signing.

Merchandise wise- BBCA will have a booth with usual T-shirt, Mugs, DVD etc. I hear a rumor there may be a 5" exclusive which may be the Time of the Doctor Set or other. Underground Toys sadly is NOT selling any product this year. They will have items on display possibly for pre-order at thier booth along with a promo flyer. Entertainment Earth appear to have dropped Who with no Doctor items on their announced slate and it's doubtful QMx will have anything new for Who (for sale anyway). Titan will be bringing their vinyl figures and maxi-busts. Possibly some 9th Doctors may be for sale- I hear there will be a new Doctor Who variant SDCC Comic Cover from them as they took over the license from IDW.

If all of this is true it'll be a bit of a lackluster year for Who at SDCC.

More news as we hear it.


Costume Station Zero Ep 48 Now Up!

Costume Station Zero Ep 48 Villainess Creations now up!

I chat with the minds behind Villainess Creations – Elizabeth Bursick and Kristin Smith. We discuss New York Comic Con, Wonder Con and costumes such as Amora, Loki, Harley Quinn, Black Widow, Winter Soldier, Iron Man, Captain America and Black Canary and more. Check it out!

Villainess Creations is an online company dedicated to the fabrication of custom props and costuming. They offer both replica and original designs to suit your costuming and cosplay needs.

E-mail them about any specific commissions and they will see if we can work with you to fulfill your needs.
You can find Villainess Creations at the following links:


Costume Station Zero Ep 47 now Up!

Costume Station Zero Episode 47- The Costumes of The Hillywood Show is now up!

Hilly and Hannah Hindi of the Hillywood Show sit down to discuss the costumes of their online parodies and sketches including the brand new Doctor Who Parody, The TARDIS, Jack Sparrow, Edward Scissorhands, Sweeney Todd, The Hobbit, Lady Gaga, Harry Potter, Warm Bodies, Twilight and more. Check it out!


Costume Station Zero Ep 45b and 46 now up!

Costume Station Zero New Episodes at last. We are kicking off the Summer with some new podcast listening goodness. A lot cool interviews will be coming your way soon - we kick off with an Interview with Katie Forman (thericketandoo) about Anime, Star Trek, LOTR, Dr. Who and Superheroes galore plus a special audio sketch extension of the Gallifrey One Podcast!

Ep 46 Spandex That Sparkles

Ep 45b - Just the Sketches, Hold the Show.


7th Doctor Paisley Scarf Run FINISHED

Hey Gang,

Follow up on this original post: At long last this group run is finished. All 26 scarves are in with one spare up for grabs. I changed the standard length to 64" for a better read. One can always cut it down a little if they feel it needs to be shorter.

The first few are hitting the mail tomorrow. I've followed up with everyone via email for shipping but if you don't hear from me check your spam or contact me asap. Even if you prepaid shipping I want to reconfirm your addresses I have.


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Costume Station Zero Ep 45- The Post Gallifrey One 2014 Wrap now up!

Well, Gallifrey One 25 Glorious Years is done and dusted – but we’ve all finally recovered enough to bring you a Post Gally Podcast roundtable with no less than 11 guests including: Ewan Anderson, Scott Sebring, Vickie Sebring, Julie Jekel, Chelsea Hogan, Erica Ochea, Alan Bell, Aubrey West, Brandon Hillock, Claire Max, and Erin Logan. We talk about our costumes, favorite panels, celebrity encounters, ribbons, Champions food, our sketch show and more. Check it Out!

Ep 45 The Post Gallifrey One 2014 Wrap

My full blog with hundreds of pics coming soon: watch this blog space.

Samples of our sketch show in video and audio form coming soon.

Brandon, one of our castmates coverage of the Gally con is also here:

More one on one interviews with more Suerpehero Costumes coming soon!

Hey Gang,

So the build continues. Malaki Keller and I finish the Mondas Cyberman by adding tubes, shoulders, rings, finishing the head stocking/helmet and barely getting the gun assembled in time.

Mondas Lives! Photo by Scott Sebring

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