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Ten Breakdown

Hey Gang,

This is long overdue. So after many requests I’m finally re-posting & updating the Tenth Doctor Breakdown with the kind permission of the original poster, aimeekitty. The original breakdown that started it all is back and now accessible again to non-members of the comm.

Being that this was the first of the breakdowns, a lot has happened and progressed with Ten cosplay since then and it seemed a good excuse to refresh and overhaul it where needed. I’ve gone ahead and added a lot to this post where I could with a lot of help from several other members notably primrodo, ninjarisu, steve_ricks, oldewordsmith, newtyblue, and bellanut. Thanks guys.

As always, I consider these breakdowns always a work in progress. If anyone feels something should be added or corrected regarding information, a retailer, cheaper alternatives etc. - please post or PM me and I’ll make the changes accordingly.

As always this post is meant as a one-stop, easy reference for the Ten Cosplayer with links to relevant information for Ten's outfits.

On with the geek chic goodness of the Ten breakdown:

More info and pics

Pinstripes and an overcoat set the 10th Doctor apart from his other nine incarnations in the 2005 Christmas special, but quickly became a fan favorite when costume replicas began showing up at conventions and similar styling everywhere.

On the outset, the costume does not seem to be overly complicated, but it offers some of the most creative and challenging items to get to look just right.


When creating the suit for the Tenth Doctor, Costume Designer Louise Page had a task set out for her to make the costumes overall look stand out and yet look very hip. After discussing several ideas with David Tennant, a pair of brown cotton trousers with a blue pinstripe were found from the GAP that was considered perfect.

A closer look at some of the original GAP Trousers can be seen here:

David also wanted to have a suit that wrinkled and had many, many pockets to play with. Being that GAP typically does not make matching blazers for their pants, Louise and her team collected every pair of the pants/trousers that they could lay their hands on to utilize in the creation of the suit jacket and multiple copies of the costume.

Louise employed various style choices with the jacket, and with only so much material available to use she came up with an exquisite fitted four button suit with external breast pocket and flap, side pockets with external flaps and a single vent with faux belted waist. Much of the suit deviates from standard suit jackets available, but it was reported that the overall jacket was derived from a specific style jacket Louise had procured. The pants were unchanged from the GAP straight legged flat front (no pleats) trousers.

The suit when worn by Tennant was often only partially closed or open. Usually only the first/top two or three buttons were done up leaving the bottom open. This goes for both colors of the suit.

The result is a 100% cotton suit that has almost a ‘shell suit’ feel.
A further visual reference of the Brown Ten Suit:

Bellanut's Series 2 Ten Suit Guide – has many more pics of this suit.

I don’t know of a pattern off hand one can use for this suit, if one comes to light it will be added I assure you. In the meantime, here’s a further look at steve_ricks making a brown suit. This won’t give you a pattern but it should be helpful with some tips to get you there.

Steve working out his pattern (Good for tips!):

New 2011 Calico Test:

Fabric options and places one can buy replicas of the brown suit will be covered after we discuss…


In 2006, a blue suit with red stripes was introduced into the series as an alternative costume, with a very similar cut and design, but was not based on any real world existing clothes and this time was completely custom made using the brown suit as pattern. It was made of a lightweight cotton shirting material that was originally bright blue with red stripes, but was over dyed a darker blue to give it a more subdued shade.

Because of these details, no real world find will ever be as close as a custom made suit, but there are many options for budget costumers.

newtypeblue's Series 3 Ten Suit Guide Has many more pictures of this version of the suit.

Some notes on Magnoli’s Blue Fabric and over-dying from oldeworldsmith:

And just for completeness here is mackofthedead's Series 4 & Specials Ten Suit guide:

Replica Options for both suits:

The main places once can get a replica of either of Ten’s suits (usually in brown but most of them offer the blue as well) from cheapest to most expensive include the following:

Honest Dragon China (ebay store)

Other China cosplay ebay stores like:
Sonice Player
and hellocosplay:

Baron Boutique

Baron Boutique Replica of the Brown Suit

Magnoli Clothiers

Magnoli Replicas of the Suits

Generally speaking you get what you pay for. The Honest Dragon/Sonice/hello suits run about $140. It does the job but leaves accuracy to be desired and is essentially more of a costume than day-to-day suit.

The Baron Suit runs about $269 ($329 in wool) and the Magnoli Suit runs $525.00.

Overall people seem to prefer the Baron version of the Suit. Also keep in mind, while cotton is accurate it wears faster. So if you want a Ten suit for your daily wear, it's a good idea to consider going with a best-match wool fabric.

And another potnetial Ten Suit option recommended by chumley:

Cosplaysky offers the suits as well in Blue and Brown:



$100-$130 each.


Honest dragon review
Steven Lilly, the original commissioner of the Honest Dragon suit back in 2007, said he was happy with it but wished the pin striping (blue stripes instead of white) was better/more accurate.

Baron reviews


Magnoli Review (Blue Suit) by Seven&Ten of gallifrey Base:
"So the overall fit of the suit is pretty good. I can only compare it with other ready to wear suits I have bought in the past. And what ever measurements you send to Indy you are going to get.

It fits well in the shoulders and the back. It is not tight at all and doesn’t feel to small for me. At the same time it is not too bulky or large. I think that it does need to be more tapered and brought in at the waist for a more close to the body fit. It is also, from what I can see fit for my height and could be a little longer. But of course this all has to do with each person and I think David Tennant had a rather long and narrow torso.

Costume or High End Suit?
Well I know some one slaved away to make it. I don’t believe it was made my a machine. The detailing is really good, especially on the inside. I took it to my tailor who said they had never seen something like it before. And the fancy men’s store across from the tailor also had no idea.

So it’s a bit of a mystery. However the Tailor who got a chance to open it up did remark to me that it was of good construction and the sewing was very high quality.
Thus I am led to believe it is worth the money I paid for it. Despite not being the right color.

Would anyone else recognize this? Probably not. For one, cotton suits are not common at all. It does not have the same sheen as a wool suit does, but nor does Tennant’s. His suit was made from 100% cotton pants (and I assume the blue as Steve Ricks pointed out) has white interfacing which would make them thicker. I went for screen accuracy, and while not really looking like a “real” suit that you could buy in a store, it has the construction of a real one.

Well as I mentioned before the blue with red pinstripe fabric is not the right screen accurate color. It IS however the the correct fabric pre-dying. So, as some have already done, buy the fabric, dye it yourself and then have it made into a suit.

The cotton is soft, I don’t know if it has faded much yet. I comes out all all different colors on camera. To some degree it is picking up a bit of lint here and there. I have worn the suit and it feels good to wear. Although because it is awfully bright un-dyed it is too garish to really wear anywhere.

Even looking back at some of David Tennant’s pictures I can see that his suit is more of a dark navy, then a sailor blue. I went with Magnoli because I had read about the horrors of Honest Dragon and never really considered it a good idea. And when I investigated Baron I was disappointed to know that the pinstripes were screened on and not actual fabric. I really wanted to get as close as I can to the real thing and Magnoli, despite being the wrong color, did deliver.

My advice if you are going to place an order with Magnoli. Email lots. He’s good about answering questions. Also ask everything you want to know. When it comes time to order be sure to write in the comments section exactly what you want. EXACTLY.

Good Luck fellow Whovians"

Magnoli Blue Suit pics:

(Courtesy of Seven & Ten)

More Magnoli reviews are forthcoming but the summary I’ve read in other forums is most who have ordered a suit from them recently have been generally satisfied. Those who ordered Ten suits in the past felt the fit left a lot to be desired.

Another new option on the horizon for a cheap suit in the style of Ten is this online tailor:


Best ordered in the Brown Striped Wool Material (does add an extra $40)
They seem to be based in Mumbai, India. The price is inviting: You can get a Ten suit, tailored to your spec, for $99.00.

Granted no one has ordered from here yet so I can’t speak for quality- so FYI.

Budget options:
Beyond the website mentioned above, and making a suit yourself, one can always seek out a local tailor for price quotes to compare. There’s nothing quite like having a good tailor face-to-face to get the right information and measurements from you.

Also Blue/Brown pinstripe suits in similar-esque styles tend to crop up on ebay and in many a thrift store/charity shop or vintage clothing store. If you’re on a tight budget, it always pays to scour these shops and see what you find as deals can be had if luck is on your side.

Other recommended outlets for a cheap off-the-rack suit include: Nordstrom Rack, Macy's, & Ross. Also many big cities like Los Angeles have garment and/or suit districts. You can find a variety of suits for cheaper prices. You can get a workable 3 piece suit + shirt + tie for around $90 in downtown LA.

Suit Fabrics:
Now most people will expect a suit to be made of wool and possibly even prefer it to cotton for durability and comfort. Also for those who cannot find these elusive GAP trousers (which again were discontinued in 2005 and are only to be found now on ebay) there have been a few alternatives out there to choose from.

The basic rundown of the preferred replica fabrics are:
Jo-Ann Fabrics Linen “potting with Turqouise stripe” SKU #862-2441. It's a linen (55% linen and 45% Rayon) $5 per yard as a clearance. It originally was priced at $12.99 per yard. This is pretty much guaranteed to be sold out entirely now and best sought from members of this comm who may still have spare yardage.

Original Post when this LJ comm bought out most of the remnants in late 2008/early 2009.

Jo-Ann Fabric comparison (new fabric on top and Jo-Ann on the bottom - no flash)

Jo-Ann Fabric comparison (new fabric on top and Jo-Ann on the bottom - with flash)

Then there was the custom fabric run from Canada (in both Brown and Blue) organized by Primrodo in fall of 2009 (a printed cotton similar to spoonflower runs - printed one side, white on the other which was the most accurate reproduction to be had at that time.

Primrodo custom printed fabric run Original posts:

Without flash- Primrodo Fabric Run

With flash - Primrodo Run

Finally in fall of 2010, there was a push for a complete re-weave of the Brown and Blue fabrics based on swatches of the original screen-used materials by Magnoli Clothiers (who sells the fabric separately at $30 per yard and is currently still available) along with the help of ninjarisu.

Magnoli reweave fabric samples

Magnoli fabric post:

Also Honest Dragon and Baron use their own pinstripe fabrics for this suit. Usually these suits are made in wool but they do offer a cotton version now as well on request.

Baron cotton suit pics:

Baron wool suit pics:

Baron Boutique Cotton Fabric Samples

For a great breakdown on all of these fabrics please see steve_ricks fantastic post:

Other fabric options:

Also reported by fellow members for those who want something cheaper or missed out on one of these runs:

In most fabric shops in the USA - Both of these flavors of fabric can prove difficult to find. As anyone knows- it always *seems* easy until you go looking for it! It was previously reported that Sears offered some shirts with great looking brown pinstripe fabric for cannibalizing or other Ten-inspired outfits.

When seeking a close enough, a good compromise for the brown, is to go with a brown with light grey or white stripes. Getting a stripe that is about the same proportions is helpful, too, to sell the look.


The Fancy Silk Store in Birmingham (UK) has a HUGE selection of patterned and pinstriped suiting fabric. Their material above is a little bit too grey and/or dark in certain lights, but it is a blend of a darker ashy brown and a lighter fawn brown and is the closest I have seen without paying through the nose for custom prints/weaves or buying at $30 a yard from Baron's or Magnoli.

If anyone in the UK is on the lookout and is near Birmingham, Fancy Silks is situated on Moat Lane near the market, and the material costs £4.99 a meter. The store is worth a look in anyway for the vast array of fabrics on offer.

border199x offers some other cheap ideas for the Ten costume:

Online shopping options from jmurphy:

Dec 2011: Britgeekgirl recently added a graphic to spoonflower for the brown Ten Suit fabric which can be made printed to order on cotton for about $18.00 per yard for a cheaper alternative to the Magnoli reweave. 5 yards still needed for a suit though! Check it out:



The overcoat was completely custom made using an upholstery fabric. It is a magnificent coat with many details, and thus not easy to replicate. At one of the Doctor Who exhibitions it was reportedly listed as being made from a ‘sofa’ fabric Alcantara ‘Roan 11.’ Essentially it’s a faux suede or microfiber material. It was pretty much always worn open by Ten and never buttoned up/closed FYI.

This coat fabric is a distinct micro suede consisting of what appears on close inspection to be a weave of black and gold fibers. The liner material is a slate/navy "TARDIS" blue colored satin with pairs of self stripes woven in. Louise Page said the coat was based on a western outrider coat found at Angels, but had many of the detail pieces removed from the design before the final coats were made.

Photos of the coat on exhibit

Steve_Ricks has a lot of information he has collected and includes in his coats here: http://tennantcoat.blogspot.com/ Steven's coats are well worth while and look the best out of all the replicas out there to date.

From Steve’s Blog:
"The shape of the pocket flaps are distinctive too. They are rounded on the front corner and sharp pointed on the back. The pockets themselves are pitched at a 5 degree angle sloping backwards.

The back has a deep vent, at the bottom of which (around the waistline) there are two strengthening triangles.

Steve Modeling one of his own Ten Coat Replicas- in action!

On both sides of the vent there are two darts that stretch about 3 inches short of the shoulder line to down below the pocket level. These can clearly be seen in the episode Smith & Jones. When the Doctor stops Martha in the street and takes his tie off, as he walks away you can see what I mean. It is like the back is made of 3 inch strips of fabric.

There are also two darts on the front of the coat - one on each side. It is exactly down this line that the four buttons are sewn. There are only three button holes."

Coat Overview by Steve_Ricks:

When trying to find a match to the original coat material it gets tricky on color. What do I mean by that? I’ll let Steve_Ricks’ enlightening blog post explain further:

Another fan modeling one of Steve_Ricks' Ten Coat replicas.

Steve’s chosen Malabar fabric comparison with a swatch of the real deal:

Malabar (Walnut and Teak colors) fabric links:


Other fabric matches have been found in suede and micro suede sections of Jo-Ann. “Sloan Saddle” was one that was recommended last year by ninjarisu.

I don’t know of any good patterns to use to base this on. I’m open to add any suggested by members. Now what I can post isn’t a pattern but for those making this coat it would be good to look over a number of Steve’s entries when he’s made his versions for tips:


For those who do not sew and wish to purchase a replica there are many options:
Honest Dragon China (ebay store)
$150 range

Other China cosplay ebay stores like:
and hellocosplay:


Cosplaysky.com Overcoat Replica

I hear for the money, people are pretty happy with this version of the coat.

Baron Boutique

According to this post: http://community.livejournal.com/dw_cosplay/462396.html
Baron is planning to offer the coat in a suede for $499.00

Baron Boutique Replica Ten Caot

The pictures leave a lot to be desired but Baron is great at accommodating tweaks and requests. I’m waiting to hear from any owners of one to give a true verdict.

Magnoli Clothiers

Magnoli Ten Coat Replica

While the photos on the site are promising, the feedback I have heard from the one or two people that have purchased Magnoli’s Ten Coat were very disappointed. They got far less than desired and for the price it’s best to avoid them and look to one of the alternatives listed here.

Abbyshot has also released their licensed version of the overcoat: http://www.abbyshot.com/products/ps-tenth-doctor-who-coat.php

AbbeyShot Ten Coat Replica

The Abbyshot is a great budget option for those looking for a long coat, but there are a number of details off to make it real screen accurate. For a start it’s made from wool not a faux suede. However for those that don’t want to break the bank this is considered the best bang for your buck version of this coat and is considered generally more better than both the Baron and Magnoli versions.

AbbeyShot Ten Coat Replica

Coat reviews:

Steve’s Coat Reviews:

Honest Dragon:

If you want to go on-the-cheap, just find a basic men's trench coat.
Some people have also found good options at Burlington Coat Factory.


Tennant wore a variety of several different colored dress shirts throughout his tenure as the Doctor. The most commonly seen was a light blue linen blend shirt with cream buttons made by Uni Qlo. His other darker shirts included a navy blue John Jewis shirt labeled "HIJKLMUVWXYZ" with pearl buttons and another navy shirt labeled "Reiss" with blue buttons. He also wore a slate blue FCUK shirt with light blue accent stitching and a slanted welt chest pocket in Tooth and Claw. The heather grey shirt worn in School Reunion was also made by Uni Qlo.

However, Louise Page had mentioned that Ten never wears a white shirt (with exception of his TUX) since it makes him look too stuffy, or something to that effect. So if the screenshot appears to be white, it's not, it's a light blue. This was early on in the series though (series 2) so that may have changed by Series 3 or 4.
In addition, he wears at least one other light blue shirt (End of Time), a tan/brown shirt (Rise of the Cybermen/Impossible Planet), and a red shirt with pinstripes (42). In some episodes, Tennant wore his collar unbuttoned and a number of undershirts can be seen.


Tennant’s t-shirts tended to be cotton with thin rounded necklines. In Tooth and Claw, the two shirts worn are an H&M grey/cream t-shirt and a River Island knit jumper with brass snap closure. In other episodes, such as Midnight and The End of Time, blue and green t-shirts are worn, also from H&M. The maroon t-shirt worn in Journey's End on the beach could be made by River Island or Topman as they have carried similar shirts in different colors. According the Bonhams Auction last year Tennant also wore a beige/ grey ‘GAP’ T-shirt and a faded purple ‘Fahri’ t-shirt.


Ten wore a LOT of neckties during his run. In general, Ten wears burgundy ties with his blue suit, and brown ties (often with blue accents) with his brown suit. (Black bow ties worn with the Tux.) Usually they have a touch of whimsy to them, like paisley, or strange little boxes, or swirly whirlies.

Also of note he usually wears his tie a little loosely and not fully knotted up to the neck (again too stuffy). He always tied his ties using a "Four in Hand" style knot. Links on how to do this knot with your tie if you are unfamiliar are below:


Name brands for the ties included: Daniel Hechter, Duffer St. George, Thomas Nash, and Rocha.John Rocha.

Magnoli Replica

For a much more complete breakdown on Ten’s Ties, styles and what ID Brand name went to what Episode/outfit, please see steve_ricks fantastic Tie Index:


The mystery of the 4th Bonhams Auction Tie:


There was also a couple times where The Doctor forgoes his tie and had a couple various substitutions with the shirt spread open showing undershirts beneath.

Magnoli Replica

Magnoli Clothiers offers replicas of four of Ten's ties for $60.00 each - the Utopia Tie, the New Earth/Hechter Tie, the Giorgio Armani tie and the Swirlie Girl in the Fireplace/11th Hour Tie. Here are links to all three ties:


Magnoli Replica

For a breakdown on the various pairings of shirts/ties check out this Ten Style guide:



The Glasses

The horned rim tortoise shell eye-glasses and sunglasses the Doctor wears has not been identified, but some great alternatives have surfaced here and there, though non branded cheap version.

Some people have tried cheap reading glasses and the like from places like Target or drugstores. Other people had luck on ebay.

Tennant's glasses are a vintage pair of horn frames found at Angels. There were only 3 pairs, and Louise Page bought them all. The closest match ever found for the glasses are Hugo Boss 0048/U, but they're still only tortoise.

Some people have tried cheap reading glasses and the like from places like Target or drugstores. Other people had luck on ebay. Lenscrafters has something kinda-sorta like it from Vogue. or try Zennioptical.

3D Glasses (Doomsday):

The Tenth Doctor sported classic/vintage-style white cardboard 3D glasses with red/blue plastic ‘lenses’ in Doomsday. Easiest thing for this is to search for "3d glasses" on ebay. American Science and Surplus also carries them.

http://www.sciplus.com/ They are less than a dollar if you buy them in the physical store. It's listed as $2.75 for a package of three on the website. search for 3D Specs."


Ten wore standard Converse High Top Chuck Taylors.

Tennant wore Natural White (unbleached) white high tops (Converse M9162) with the brown suit. He wore maroon high tops (Converse M9613) with the blue suit. Classic black and white high tops (Converse M9160) are worn with the tuxedo and also in Fear Her.

Usually the converse logo was removed or on the instep-facing ankle areas were painted over with white fabric paint (especially on the unbleached white nes) for these. A detail to keep in mind if you want to dial it in all the way.

Getting a pair today is still fairly easy.

You can get them at Amazon, http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000OLTRVS/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&redirect=true&qid=1156826249&sr=8-5

Or Zappos.com

or you can go directly to Converse' site.

Off-brand high-tops which look very similar to Converse are extremely widespread; some with their logos or blank canvas where the All-Stars logo would be. Cosplayers going with other brands can gain some easy screen-accuracy by painting those white circles where the Converse logos would be.


If you want your haircut in Ten's style, you can find screenshots from various angles on the BBC site.

If your hair is close to Ten's style but you don't have sideburns you can purchase sideburns at most good costuming stores. Get the nice stuff with wig lace. If the sideburns are too big, you can easily cut them down. (they can be applied with spirit gum.)

A couple choices (you can find more with a search on google) 1st is Maxwigs: http://www.maxwigs.com/discount-sideburns-by-lacey-costume-wigs-p2142.html
A 2nd choice is: the costumer.

As for wigs, try ebay, your local wig store (I recommend Wig Outfitters in the So Cal area) or cosworx.com (aka http://shop.cosplay.com/ ) or ebay. Remember that you can cut and style your wig if it's not exact. You may want to start with a longer wig and trim it as desired. For Ten, you'll probably need some heavy hairspray or hair gel.

The following technique is useful for a lot of Ten's hair, even if you are not necessarily cutting bangs.



These are basic men's two-piece long-sleeve, long-pant pjs. The pattern is a light blue and light red with white stripe.

It's worn with a long fuzzy dark blue bathrobe with lighter blanket-stitching around the collar with dark slippers.


Seen in numerous episodes such as Rise of the Cybermen, Voyage of the Damned and The Lazarus Experiment, the suit was identified as an off-the-rack Paul Smith Dinner suit.
For details, let’s focus on the tuxedo as it appeared in Voyage of the Damned. It was made by Paul Smith. The jacket was a 1-button notch lapel with no button hole on the left lapel. The outside pockets were slanted and flapped and there was a single rear vent. The cuffs of the sleeves are split and have 5 covered buttons each, overlapping each other and over false button holes. The liner of the jacket was black in the body, but white with stripes in the sleeves.

The trousers had the same loop closures on the back pockets as Tennant's suits and the same slanted pockets on the sides as well. They have a standard 1 cm-1/2 inch wide satin stripe down the out seam and a 2 hook pointed closure on the front fly. They have flat fronts and no cuffs.

The shirt worn in VotD was white with a wide spread collar, hidden buttons, a 10-pleat front bib, and French cuffs. The cuff links were round and silver with a pale green stone. Magnoli sells an excellent replica called the London Cufflinks. The bow tie is a butterfly style (3 inch wide) black tie with a woven pattern, most likely paisley. It is not a clip-on. The best replica found is this one:


It appears they no longer have them in the correct butterfly/jumbo shape, but they might get them back in stock.

If the Paul Smith original is not to be had or too pricey, you can of course find tuxes (used or not) that are workable on ebay and various other clothing stores.

Magnoli Clothiers also makes a replica:

Magnoli replica


Space Suit Breakdown by oldewordsmith here:

The space suit was originally made by space-toys.com However, Louise Page said that they were so unhappy with what they received that they had to take them apart and completely remake them because of bad stitching. Space-toys are not recommended because apart from their terrible customer service, they no longer stock the correct hardware used on the screen worn suits and they do not offer refunds.

This spacesuit was first seen in Satan Pit and with minor differences was also seen in Waters of Mars.

It consisted of:

Helmet – Modified of a SCOTT Safety Helmet.



Suit – Modified and eventually remade from Spacetoys.


Gloves – Extremities Ice Gloves, the actual screen used version has been updated and released so the only way to find the exact gloves is to search online. The updated glove is not too bad though.


Harness – Black Diamond BOD climbing harness with black or blue lining (not exactly sure which it is).

(Space Helmet base SCOTT Saftey

Boots – Salomon F20 Fusion snowboard boots from 2006, discontinued, but so little is actually seen.

Patches – Sanctuary Base 6 patches are available at Patchgeeks, though are too large. The design is simple enough to get remade elsewhere at some local embroidery shops however.

Flashlight – Yellow flashlight with handle and stainless steel head.


Modified from the Satan Pit costume, this one consisted of a dyed red spacesuit and different boots and gloves and a modified helmet from the previous version.

An added neck piece was also added to make it look different than the Satan Pit suit.


The John Smith variant is a turn of the century three piece tweed suit in blue tone grey or brown tone grey with a black neck tie or brown (with white dots) bow tie.

A starting point on buying one would be Magnoli or Baron again:

Or really checking your thrift stores/ebay for good matching tweed suits/coats/trousers.
A Silver Fob watch is also good to have for this version.

There’s the Character Options Toy with SFX which can probably be had through ebay, Amazon.com or check the usual Who toy spots: whona.com, forbidden planet.co.uk, doctorwhostore.com, bigbadtoystore.com, etc.

You can seek out a high end replica from celestialtoystore.com:
Or find yourself a good match in a real vintage hunter pocket watch in silver through ebay.


Props the Tenth Doctor carried included a plethora of items that were handcrafted and found objects.


Probably the most essential prop to carry around. Easily the most-sought after and iconic of Ten’s props. There’s a few options to grab one of your own so let’s cover the gamut:

The Character Options Toy:

Hard to beat this one for price, look and sound effects (and built in pen). Since early 2010 and the start of the Eleven era, these have been discontinued and are starting to become hard to find. You can still find these listed on ebay or amazon.com though the prices are starting to climb above the $20-$25 asking rate more into the $40-$50 range.

Best to get the one that comes with the psychic paper! However it’s been reported the one packaged with the Sonic Pen (Partners in Crime) is the best for its’ sound effect and UV light.

This was also re-packaged in a blister clamshell case (End of Time Wave packaging) and is probably the most common version currently out there next to the Psychic paper boxed pack.
CO also made a smaller scale version that was static (didn’t slide open) which was included with the Vortex Manipulator, and Journal of Impossible Things toys. Best for younger Ten cosplayers.


Millennium FX released an officially licensed metal prop replica version in the fall of 2009 that was made to be like the actual filming prop, so it lacked sound but had a working slider/LED light. These were pretty much all sold out from a limited run of 500 by March 2010. However many of these still crop up on the secondary market/ebay and can usually be had for the $200-$300 range which is less than what they cost new(about $425 after shipping to the USA).

Mfx Sonic

MFX Sonic next to the CO Toy and Smaller Statis CO Toy.


Celestial Toystore came out with a couple of high end metal versions of the sonic that offer sound which are currently available. These run about $340.00.

Ten Version:

Nine Version:

Lastly, QMx is in pre-production of yet another licensed high-end prop replica promising both light and sound. Projected price is $200-$300 range and is expected to hit the market by late 2011.


Qmx prototype


So far the best replica out is the one that came with the Character Options Sonic Screwdriver toy in 2008. This can still be found through Amazon and ebay today despite being discontinued.

Otherwise similar black ID card billfolds are not too difficult to track down.


The TARDIS Ten used a silver Yale key which had a ERA night latch, and typically you would see him give the key out with a ball-chain. A simple prop to assemble, but just as fun to carry around.

This is usually found online (sold with Yale locks themselves) or through ebay (old keys are often auctioned off cheap). http://www.yalelocks.com/ or (among other options):

The budget option would be to use any spare key with a rounded top.

For the Sound of Drums variant- add a length of string for neck hanging and any plastic (Model kit parts are great to raid for this kind of thing)/ or circuit board cm cube to be glued onto the round portion of the key for the 'perception filter.' If nothing is to be had in the costumer's junk drawer then they can probably source something good from a model kit parts at a hobby store, or find spare circuit boards for cannibalizing at American Science surplus www.sciplus.com.


This only applies to the Human Nature costume really but he carried an aged brown leatherbound wrap-around strap Journal chroncling his stories/dreams of his Previous Life as "The Doctor."

You have two main options on replicas:

There's the Character Options Toy which is about half- size but fairly close otherwise. This was packaged initially with a mini static Sonic Screwdriver and was re-packaged with the Master's Ring in End of Time Packaging and usually runs about $40.

ninjarisu Journal replica

ninjarisu also occasionally does custom group runs of 1:1 replicas of the Journal which look terrific. These run about $100 when they happen. So keep an eye out if he does another one!

ninjarisu Journal replica


This is for the windup mouse used in the Doctors Daughter, which can usually be found at some Halloween stores and even pet stores across the US. The correct mouse was grey with a black nose.


In Fires of Pompeii the Doctor uses a simple UK Dollar-Store "Splashinator" gun to ward off the Pyrovile. Difficult to track down now, but similar guns crop up in toy shops and ebay.

Other possible items to carry with you:


Cricket ball (Human Nature) (The John Smith variant costume!)
Satzuma orange (Christmas Invasion)
A stethescope (New Earth/Planet of the Ood)
blue paisley scarf bandana (Gridlock)
sunglasses (girl in the fireplace)
magnifying glass (Unicorn and the Wasp)
Hoix-Slaying dry-ice bucket (Love and Monsters)
Fake raw steak (Love and Monsters)
The Y-shaped Adipose tracer (Partners in Crime)
Perhaps something could be jury rigged from a slingshot and some of those colored light spinners or strips I see in toy stores from time to time.
Alternatively, you could even try your hand at making one of his other props like the radio-y thing-a-ma-bob (The timey-wimey detector) in Blink, or his "Ghostbuster" items in Doomsday.

Costume tee:

Forbidden Planet now offers a costume t-shirt of the 10th Doctor.

And that’s the Ten Breakdown. Hope this has been of some help to everyone!





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