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The Morbius Build Diary Pt. III: The NECK & TORSO of MORBIUS!

Hey Gang,

So onward to part III of the build. Now with our legs completed, it was time to look at the other half. Specifically, we needed to start on the neck and figure out that shape/size to then build down into the rest of the suit. But first we needed a helmet, preferably of the hardhat variety.

More Pics and info

After discussing some ideas of finding second hand hard hats or bike safety helmets... we came across a stroke of luck finding an old plastic pink hard hat Paul's wife was no longer using from a past company picnic. This was to be worn by me inside the suit so we had something to for my head to lock into and in turn support the flat base which would eventually hold the dome and brain.

Raw Helmet

Removing the lip

Sanding the sides

This found helmet was perfect for our purposes. It was even adjustable so it could be tightened to fit me snug as a bug. The lettering was easily removed with a little help from the razor blades. Paul then removed the lip of the helmet using the dremel tool and sanded the rough edges clean. The top center ridge of the hard hat was also removed using the same process to allow a 'flat' surface to apply a base to.

W/ original center ridge

Removing the ridge

Paul's 'Intricate' helmet plans

Using the helmet as a base (and the extrapolating a little to accomodate the extra size needed for a sizable muscular neck for Morbius), we detemrined a 10" diameter would work well for what would end up becoming the base for the dome. Ironically when looking for a perfect circular shape to trace from, the shape happened to be a dead match for the bottom of one the paint buckets Paul had laying around!

Patterning by bucket

Neck/base pattern

Once the pattern was drawn, this was then traced onto some spare wood shelving Paul had so that two of these circles could be cut out using a power saw. The first shape was to be used to attach to the foam (on the edges) and the helmet (underneath). The second shape would be used to attach to a base so the final dome could be removable. The 2 parts were planned to sandwich together to connect and lock in place.

Out of wood shelving springs Dr. Who miracles

Sanding the sides

Attaching L brackets

Paul further preppped the helmet by drilling holes into three sides. Then the first of the base wood circles was drilled and outfitted with L-Brackets. These brackets would attach snugly into the side of the helmet with screws and nuts. This worked well and fitted like a dream.

Prepping the helmet


Prepping both sides of the circle

The next step was to drill holes into both wood peices near the center of the helmet. Then join the two together using extended screws and washers to make sure the two peices would easily align and lock together. This process went smoothly and this was now ready for action.

Test fit

Set to go!

The dome would have to wait until later though. The next step for us was to build downward and make the neck. This was done using the same process outlined in part II for the legs: Drawing out a pattern, notching it, tracing it on foam, cutting it, barging it, and finally assembling it.

Tracing the Neck pattern

After barging the foam to the wood circle/base - then checking out the raw Neck shape

Barging together the side neck muscles

The neck was a four piece pattern involving a front, back and two 'sides' which effectively were the tendon/muscles of the neck. To provide extra support we used the 1" thick foam here. After a little trial and error, plus some careful bevel cutting, this came together rather easily and really looked the part!!

Paul Salamoff approved

Test rampage with the neck - and testing the weight on my head.

Then we tackled the shoulders and biceps, using a simple 4 part pattern for each portion. Paul was in really good form here, figuring out patterns quickly that were almost always exactly the right shapes we needed. He had not lost his touch from his FX building days! We got into a good pace again on tracing, cutting and barging and had these done in no time.

Drawing Arm patterns

Ready for cutting

Drying the barge on the biceps

Hulking out Morbius style

Adjusting the neck for a better fit

Finally to finish off the Torso, a 6 part pattern was devised: front, back, 2 shoulder connections and 2 sides. This was fairly easy to work out based on my measurements and where the neck would have to connect. Another repeat of the foam construction process in 1" foam and this was rockin' and rollin' just as our 2nd day was wrapping.

Pattern design for the torso

The ol' tracing and cutting trick

I tried on several of the components together in order to make sure everything connected together correctly and fit me snugly. So far everything was looking fantastic!

Test fitting torso and arms

Test Torso/Arms fit with neck

Test fit with thigh to ensure everything it coming together and connecting well.

Finally we had our Neck, Torso and arms of Morbius Complete!!!

Part IV of the build continues with mounting the BODY of Morbius!

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