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Hey Gang,

So onward to Part III of the TARDIS Console restoration. So we're picking things up a couple of weeks after Pt. II took place including some time over the holidays that Brian and Paul had to wire Sound FX to 4 of the toggle switches and mounting the new Hand Crank before we regrouped in full. Today the main goal was to hook up the remaining three switches to lights/clocks, check suitability for Black Toggle switch replacing, re-mount the main clock, and start wiring all of the toggle functions o the remote control.

More Pics and info

Original crank

So first easy step was to attach the brand new hand Crank which came out smashing! Still needs some staining to get the color right but that will be reserved for the final day.

Brian's Recreated Hand Crank

Brian mounts the new Hand Crank

Newly Mounted Hand Crank

Then Brian wired up the sound effects with the Ride Tones Drive to 4 of the guitar/black toggle switches to that each would be activated depending if you moved a switch up or down.

Testing with the Volt meter before wiring in the sounds

The lights were all hooked up to a couple of Christmas Light controller boxes which when activated would allow the lights to cascade and alternate on and off and create a nice 'pulse of life' to the TARDIS as seen in the TV Movie!

4 of the switches now wired to go for sound!

RideTones Sound Effects Drive which will be hidden by the Doctor's bag

Check out the TARDIS Sound Testing here:


Little other items had to be assessed and addressed such as noting where gels would be replaced and what areas were a little loose and needed hot gluing down (which incidentally is what the original prop guys clearly used on a lot of these controls to hold them in place)

Loose Turn Dial will need to be hot glued in place.

The Speaker was the sounds was placed in the center of the console while we tested it out. This would later be mounted further within the column base, hidden away from view but still packing a good wallop of volume.

Speaker for the sounds. This will eventually be mounted lower in the central base column.

Then we assessed some new part for the replacement black toggle switches. The size was good so we tested if they would fit.

Replacements for the Black Guitar/Toggle Switches

It was a bit tight so this was was drilled slightly larger ad then it made the fit perfect. Paul then took each of these and belt sanded them down to curve the ends down to replicate the shape of the original switches. The color and ends will be finished off for the final 'beauty pass' with some sculpty and paint.

testing replacement guitar switch screw to make sure it'll thread nicely

Drilling the screws to improve the threading.

Perfect fit

I'm sure the Doctor's done this many times before...

Meanwhile Brian continued to check the wiring and asses the various lights. In the cases where we'd keep the halogens the brackets were adjusted to move the lights closer to the console to improve the brightness levels of the display.

Adjusting the light mount to move the bulbs closer to test for brighter light display

Then Brian connected up the two side clocks to the power and restored their functionality. They now turn on with the flick of a switch! These were then hot glued back into place.

Soldering the connections to the 2 sides clocks to restore functionality

Check out the testing of the two clocks here:


Then the main center clock was now ready to be connected. brain had rigged it up with a motor in the back so it will 'speed forward' or even backward- again by a flick of the switch. This was then mounted and hot glued back into place.

Mounting the newly motorized clock.

Check out the action of the new motorized spinning main clock here:


The structure of the console itself was *slightly* wobbly in the interior around the column, so Paul braced these sections with 4 inch wood block to make sure everything was rock solid.

Paul Added support block to re-stablize the interior structure.

We sized up the Doctor's Bag for eventual placement. Everything looked good to go!

Sizing up the Doctor's Bag for eventual placement.

The lamp, wire for the eventual rotor lights, and the brake light were all wired in as well. he Brake was rigged to go on when you brought the lever down to a connector switch which would also initiate the TARDIS Crash Land Sound Effect.

Brake light switch

Brain wires up the clocks and light functions

Underneath we also gathered and labeled the 'control strings' that were designed to activate certain things like the Scanner Screen lever, brake, and several dials with piano wire.

Labeling the control strings

The last big chore of the day was prepping relays to wire up the same functions of the toggle switches (sounds, clocks and lights) to the remote control. Brian and I got the relays ready while brian got this job started. He made it about halfway through until we had to cal it a day.

Paul and I prep up extra relay connections for the remote control

The remote control which will activate all the same sound, motor and light functions.

Just another day in the TARDIS



Paul Salamoff is a twenty-plus year veteran of the film industry. He has found success as a Writer, Producer, Film Executive, Comic Book Creator, Author, and originally as a Special F/X Make-Up Artist.

Born in Natick, MA, he was raised on a healthy diet of sci-fi and horror from the age of five. After high school, he moved to California to attend film school at USC. Salamoff parlayed his obsession for genre filmmaking into a successful run as a professional Special F/X Make-Up Artist. In his years doing FX, he worked on over forty films, ten television series, and numerous commercials.

His Film and TV writing credits include THE DEAD HATE THE LIVING, THE ST. FRANCISVILLE EXPERIMENT and ALIEN SIEGE. He was recently hired to write the high-budget SINBAD: ROGUE OF MARS for Morningside Entertainment. He is also author of two non-fiction books: ON THE SET: THE HIDDEN RULES OF MOVIE MAKING ETIQUETTE and THE COMPLETE DVD BOOK: DESIGN, PRODUCTION AND MARKETING.

As a Comic Creator, Salamoff is the writer of a number of Comic Book Series including the wildly popular VINCENT PRICE PRESENTS, ROGER CORMAN PRESENTS BLACK SCORPION, PUPPY POWER: BO OBAMA and LOGAN'S RUN: LAST DAY and LOGAN'S RUN: AFTERMATH both written with William F. Nolan. He is also author of the critically acclaimed graphic novel DISCORD and the upcoming THE CAST OF DOCTOR WHO bio-comic.

In 2005 Salamoff became Vice President of Production for David Lancaster Productions working on WES CRAVEN'S THE BREED and HOLLOW MAN 2. After a successful merge with BOLD Films, he became their Vice President of Production and worked on such films as LEGION, BOBBY and STARSHIP TROOPERS: MARAUDER. After leaving Bold, he accepted the position of President of Production for Rat Bastard Productions working on the festival darling DOWN FOR LIFE.

Having been involved with THE ACADEMY OF SCIENCE FICTION, FANTASY & HORROR FILMS for over twelve years, he produced the 22nd, 23rd, 33rd, 34th and 35th Saturn Awards. Salamoff has also produced Video Game TV/Web Development videos and Trailers for G-Net Media. Working on such high-profile projects as THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN, BULLETSTORM, MAFIA 2, MASS EFFECT 2, GEARS OF WAR 2, DEAD SPACE and the upcoming RECKONING: KINGDOMS OF AMALUR


Brian Uiga has been building gadgets and props since 1996, when he saw the Dr. Who TV Movie, fell in love with the show, and was compelled over the next four years to build a complete TARDIS toolkit, as well as other props and costumes from the classic era of the series.

Over the last decade, his other prop replica projects have included: a set of the puppet robots from “Mystery Science Theater 3000”, a fully working Herbie, the Love Bug car, a gadget laden James Bond's BMW from "Tomorrow Never Dies", and Horace, the Hate Bug car. These Celebrity Replica cars are kept busy most weekends during the year at charity or police events with a group of TV and Movie cars at www.starcarcentral.com.

Brian is currently working on a "Super Pursuit Mode" Knight Rider KITT car alongside these TARDIS Console repairs. He feels fortunate to be able to restore and add life to he centerpiece prop from the film that inspired him to start tinkering 15 years ago.

When not pursuing his hobby of replica cars and props, Brian has worked as a Special Effects Supervisor and Producer of sketch comedy. He currently works as a mechanical engineer designing precision optical equipment for film post production and restoration. He is a graduate of the UC San Diego with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.


Bob Mitsch is a graduate of the University of Southern California with a degree in English and Screenwriting. In addition, to having five years experience as a marketing copywriter, he has spent an additional five years working in Television Post Production at a local PBS affiliate, Riot! Santa Monica and Starz Media.

When not pursuing the above, Bob's hobbies include writing, films and costumes. In his youth, he wrote and directed over a dozen student & fan films and also acted in a handful of Los Angeles independent theater productions. Bob dove into the cosplay convention scene over a decade ago with a replica of a childhood favorite - the Greatest American Hero's super suit. A handful of other superhero/science fiction characters followed before Bob tackled the daunting project of putting together costume replicas (and props) for all 11 incarnations of the Doctor, plus several Villians such as the "Revenge" Cyberman and a VOC Robot.

He is the organizer of the Costume Panel Track for the Gallifrey One Convention, Co-Moderator of dw-cosplay on livejournal as well as the writer/host of the 8 part How Who Are You? Dr. Who Marathon segment series for KTEH TV in the fall of 2009. Recently, he was ecstatic to be featured along with his friends in costume on Matt Smith's iphone during the Xmas 2011 Graham Norton Show.

On Matt's iPhone as Hartnell

He has found the cosplay hobby a lot of fun and a rewarding way to meet other fans and new friends. He has been a fan of Dr. Who since he was 6 years old. (And for the record Tom Baker will always be HIS Doctor.)

Thanks for reading! Doctor's Tools, finishing the Doctor's Bag, solving Rotor lighting and changing light bulbs, light bulbs, light bulbs in Part IV!

Be sure to see this Prop Feb 17th-19th at the Gallifrey One Convention at the LAX Marriott. You can get your photo taken with this prop n the Fan Room free of charge (though tips are appreciated) Fri & Sat 12-1PM and Sunday 10AM-11AM! Though bear in mind there will be no printout/hard copy photos, you will need to have a digital camera memory card, USB/flash drive to load your photos onto.

Also as a special bonus: for a set donation to the TARDIS restoration fund you can buy one of the screen used halogen light bulbs that once lit this prop that have now been replaced with LED lights! Limited quantity and these will go fast so FYI!



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Feb. 9th, 2012 05:50 pm (UTC)
Another great entry Bob, and I can't get over how awesome the clock mechanics have worked out, especially compared to the rather jumpy way it moved in the movie (as memory serves, the hour hand skipped several hours whilst the minute hand swept more smoothly).

Looking forward to the next part.
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