February 15th, 2012


Chameleon Circuit: The TVM TARDIS Console Restoration Log Pt. V

Hey Gang,

So onward to Part V of the TARDIS Console restoration. So we're picking things up another week after Pt. IV. Today the main goal was to mount/wire up the Rotor lights, mock up the Beriylium Atomic Clock chip, get the Doctor's tools cosmetically finished, finish replacing the halogens with LEDS, secure all the internal light fixtures and mount the sound speaker.

More Pics and info Collapse )

Thanks for reading! Putting the bottom 'floors' back in, replacing missing switches, mounting power strips, cleaning/painting the cosmetics and locking down the rotor in the final Part VI!

Be sure to see this Prop Feb 17th-19th at the Gallifrey One Convention at the LAX Marriott. You can get your photo taken with this prop in the Fan Room free of charge (though tips are appreciated) Fri & Sat 12-1PM and Sunday 10AM-11AM! Though bear in mind there will be no printout/hard copy photos, you will need to have a digital camera memory card, USB/flash drive to load your photos onto.

Also as a special bonus: for a set donation to the TARDIS restoration fund you can buy one of the screen used halogen light bulbs, mounting brackets, and even some of the actual console wood that once lit/housed this prop that have now been replaced with LED lights! Limited quantity and these will go fast so FYI!

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