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Costume Station Zero Ep 69 and 70 now up!

Costume Station Zero Ep 69 Now up!

Taking a break from Cosplay talk for another cutaway episode. Kevin Kittridge is back to join me to discuss the merits and failings of Doctor Who Series Nine. Check it out!
The Magician’s Apprentice/The Witch’s Familiar: Bob 4/ Kevin 6
Under the Lake / Before the Flood: Bob 6 / Kevin 5
The Girl Who Died: Bob 6 / Kevin 5
The Woman Who Lived: Bob 2 / Kevin 3
The Zygon Invasion/The Zygon Inversion: Bob 4.5 / Kevin 5
Sleep No More: Bob 1 / Kevin 2
Face the Raven: Bob 5 / Kevin 4
Heaven Sent/Hell Bent: Bob & Kevin: 3
The Husbands of River Song: Bob 7.5/Kevin 8.75


Costume Station Zero Ep 70 now up!

Boldy going to Las Vegas for the Star Trek 50th Anniversary, I found some down time on the Saturday during the con to sit and discuss convention costumes, etiquette, panels and more with guests Andrew Elkins(www.geekregeneration.com) and Garth Bauman (moshpitavenger on Facebook, Instagram and twitter). Check it out!

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