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Costume Station Zero Ep 71 and 72 now up!

Costume Station Zero EP 71 Now Up!

CosPerformer Entertainment

Brandon Hillock of FanBoyBrandon on Facebook/instagram and twitter talks about being a Cosplayer in early days on conventions, being Jack Sparrow at Disneyland, performing Doctor Who and Marty McFly at Birthday Parties, Batman, Jon Snow and more!


Costume Station Zero Ep 72 Now Up!

The Costumes of Superman - Scott Sebring joins me this week as we discuss the various pros and cons of Superman costumes in live action media throughout the years. Kirk Alyn, George Reeves, Christopher Reeve, John Haymes-Newton, Gerard Christopher, Nicolas Cage, Tom Welling, Brandon Routh, Henry Cavill and Tyler Hoechlin all get covered. Check it out!

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