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Juliet Landau (Romana III/Big Finish) is offering 3 signed Romana III pictures as part of her $40/$60 level perk packages for her indiegogo project for her vampire documentary "A Place Among the Undead"

She's in her Romana III pinstipe outfit/RomanaII Sonic
In Time Lord Robes (Provided by predestinatio)
In 4th Doctor Coat/Scar/hat (provided by myself)

This closes Sat Nov. 28th.

To order or to find out more on the project and other Buffy perks:


5th Doctor Celery Group Run

So I know this is another very long in the waiting run but Wondersquid and I finally have cracked a decent resin prototype for this. We plan to still tweak some of the placement/angle of the leaves and tweak the color (darker green on the leaves and going slightly lighter on the stalk).

But this gives a good idea of the peice.

Repeating again:

Artificial 5th Doctor Celery Group Run

We will offer this with embedded pin in the back saftey pin style or flat if preferred for you to use mounting or toupe tape of your choice. This will be sculpted, molded and then cast in resin or rubber. We're doing final tests in both right now to decide.

Price depends a bit on the final materials but we want to aim for $40-$65 USD each, The more people who sign up the more we can keep costs down.

4 week turnaround.

Normally I'd set a payment deadline in December after we get the neckerchief run going but I understand Xmas is a bad time of year for people to be jumping in on Runs so likely I'll set the deadline for early-mid Jan once we finalize price.

Currently this measures 8.5" long and 1" wide stake/4" wide leaves.

If anyone wishes to add on or needs to drop out let me know. A list standing this long will likely have a lot of drop outs o no worries there. We'll move ahead with a minimum of 10 but ideally would like to keep it to 20-25.

Standing List:

1. marylennox
2. Dave ward
3. C. Andrew Nelson
4. adam_e
5. Mr. jobel
6. thebunnyinthetardis
7. nightsky
8. phardwick
9. PlanetLeo
10. Archon (GB)
11. Nodalep (GB)
12. Pauldn (prydon)
13. Alanc (GB)
14. ronpurflaUSA (GB)
15. sparky76 (GB)
16. Mark Anthony Quested (GB)
17. britgeekgirl (dwcosplay)
18. sapper36 (RPF)
19. terrasolo (GB)
20.writebetwixt (dwcosplay)

Costume Station Zero Ep 61 now up!

Costume Station Zero Ep 61 Now Up!

Technical Difficuties has kept the Station on Silent Running for several months but we're back with a new batch of episodes.

SDCC 2015 is discussed amongst myself and a round table of the following previous guests: Kevin Kittridge, Erica Ochoa, Teri Samuels, Scott Sebring, Julie Jekel, Vickie Sebring, Malaki Keller, Erin Logan and Chelsea Hogan. We discuss Hall H lines, Cosplay at the Con, autograph lines, meeting Peter Capaldi, Getting Agent Carter hats signed, Muppet love, Star Trekkin’ w/TOS style with Andorians and Red Shirt Muppets, Babylon 5 and more.


4th Doctor Season 12 Neckerchief Group Run

This interest list has been standing long enough. So the run is finally happening at long last.

The 4th Doctor Season 12 Neckerchief replica. These are made out of a dull poly charmeuse. With Gene/Lesplaceplie's research it was determined the size is very likely 60" long by 6.75" wide which is what the design is now adjusted for.

Cost is $65.00 (42.5 GBP) each. Turnaround is approx 3 weeks from final group payment to shipping.

I'm awaiting a final prototype with an improved/more saturated green color but for now here's pics of the current Mk II prototype:

Current list:
1. Timelord25 PAID
2. Gene PAID
3. adam_e (GB) PAID
4. mik001 (GB)
5. mr_trent (PA/GB) PAID
6. Adam Ferry (FB)
7. William Remmers (FB)
8. Jimmy Mann (FB)
9. Risu (RPF/GB)
10. Alicia Faires (FB)
11. Kristopher Miller (FB)
12. Marc David Taylor (FB)
13. Alice taylor hughes (FB)
14. Jed Fox (FB)
15. Darren Stuart (FB)
16. Tammy M. (FB)
17. Ken Kopaki (FB)
18. funky_peanut_pup (GB)
19. Forbidden Moose (GB)
20. W_Anglais (GB)
21. Darthbono71 (GB)
22. Matt bubel (FB)
23. Jack harkness (FB)
24. Nic Neidenbach (FB)
25. Vincent B. Donadio (FB)
26. morthwyl (GB)
27. Andrew Elkins (FB) PAID
28. Pete Dummer (GB) PAID
29. Bill Gorman (FB) PAID
30. Rogina Fields Lewis (FB)
31. Alicia Faires (FB)
32. CW Wallis (FB)

Got it Nuallin.

I'd like to get rolling on this. I'll give everyone a fresh heads up privately and post this elsewhere but for now I'll put a soft deadline of Nov 23rd (seems fitting right?) on this one.

$65.00 usd each.

+ $6.50 Shipping domestic Standard
or $13.00 Domestic shipping Priority.
$18.00 Shipping Overseas.

Costume Station Zero Ep 60 now up!

Costume Station Zero Ep 60 Now up!

Abby Darkstar​ and Keith Zen​ join me to discuss an abundance of characters including Indiana Jones, Starbuck, Riker, Troi, Shanna the She-Devil, conventions and cosplay etiquette. Check it out!


Big Wow Comedy Show Halftime Excerpts

Here's two sample skits from our Halftime Show at Big Wow in April 2015:

Crisis of Infinite Reboots


Costume Station Zero Ep 59- The Big Wow 2015 Podcast

I host a roundtable of usual guests Kevin Kittridge, Scott Sebring, Teri Samuels, Vickie Sebring, Thom Parham, Valerie Perez, and Johnnie Griffing to talk all about the fun and good times in San Jose at Big Wow Comic Fest 2015!

Costume Station Zero Ep 58- Neill Gorton

Make-Up Artist Neill Gorton gives insight into the Make-Up SFX industry and his work on Doctor Who. Thanks to Deverill Weekes and MUD for thier help on bringing you this interview! Find out more about Neill at www.milleniumfx.co.uk or www.gortonstudio.co.uk. More on MUD can be found at www.mudshop.com. Check it out!

Costume Station Zero Ep 57 The Post Gallifrey One 2015 Podcast now up!

A massive roundtable including Scott Sebring, Aubrey West, Kevin Kittridge, Ewan Anderson, Teri Samuels, Vickie Sebring, Andrew Elkins, Julie Jekel, Erin Logan, Amy Solomon, Jonathan Solomon, Chelsea Hogan, Adam Joseph Ferry, Valerie Perez and Carl Revis gathers again to discuss our collective esperience at the Gallifrey One 2015 Convention. We talk our Idiot's Lantern Comedy Show, Meeting Davros Actors, John Barrowman, Sophie Aldred, Muppets, Handles, Wendy Padbury, Inspector Spacetime and more. Check it out!

Two quick Video Parody Samplings from the Idiot's Lantern Show 2015 at Gallifrey One:

Death in Heaven created him. Now he gets his own Saturday Morning Cartoon Series. That's Right - Look Out! Here comes the Cyber-Brig!

Disclaimer: No reputation or memory of Nicolas Courtney has been harmed in the making of Cyber-Brig.

When the Doctor isn't around, Torchwood is busy and Sarah Jane is tied up... the world can look to the dynamic duo of Stormageddon and Craig to stop tyranny and evil! The Stormy and Craig Adventure Hour! Coming soon to ABC!




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